• Mudslide provides an encrypted file system to any operating system that can mount a webdav server.
  • Mudslide is built upon http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/ and the encryption libraries packaged with Java.
  • Mudslide is an alternative filestore for the http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/ software. This filestore stores all of its information encrypted with DES.
  • MudSlide is good for encrypting files on a USB thumbdrive or CD ROM. Then these files can be read on any OS that can mount a webdav server (Linux, OS X, or Windows system).
  • Mudslide is written in java and runs as a WAR inside of tomcat or some other servlet container. The WAR is configured so only the local machine may mount the webdav server.


  1. When you start up the webapp it prompts on the console for the password:
  2. Then connect to the webdav drive.... ... and drag files to/from like any normal folder (webdav drive).
  3. The actually underlying filestore is encrypted....


Many thanks to NUCIA for their guidance and support in the creation of Mudslide!